ok, may not be what you see the next time the book is read through. Further along is a parlor game with friends in a collaborative reading of the book, in how everyone gazes at the same images but will also express different interpretations in what they each see from the specific images they view on each page.

Louis M. Brill
Adventures with Light Art

Lumia has always fascinated me as a window to a fantastical vista of creatures, landscapes and abstract places whose spaces begged to be visited. My own efforts in this realm began in the 1970s as a student-practioner of New York City's high-tech ghetto of that era embracing the emerging art mediums of the day. I zig-zagged between video tech, multi-media, kinetic art and fine art holography.

I have since worked with Lumia art in many forms, mostly by building custom Lumia light projectors whose animated presence has graced many a screen for varying theatrical events. There have been many Lumia shows in public settings at odd moments as "atmospheric lighting" for dance backdrops, theatre lighting and let's not forget that good 'ol occasional rock & roll light show.

Within the last decade I have developed my own working art studio embracing light as the paintbrush and canvas to present Lumia art as a very evocative and narrative visual presence that can be conjured up, controlled and manipulated through directed artistic intentions.

My work with Lumia :
• A self-published photographic documentation of Lumia as an   art form:
    Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way

• An on-line art exhibition
                        Reflections On Exhibit  
   an exploration of my current work with light refraction

• In development
   - A gallery show
   - A new light projector for live Lumia recitals