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The narrative of Sacred Destinations, has been organized into a visual record of making your way through life and what you encounter along the way. There are goals (destinations) and the efforts made (journeys) to reach these goals.

The Lumia images form a series of book chapters presenting an interpretive narrative of several phases of passing through life. Images are representative of becoming aware (Creation & Consciousness), journeys (The Road Taken), destinations (Guardians & Gateways), what seen along the way (Creatures)and after life (Passing On). The book's imagery is a series of photographic metaphors and optical illusions represented by the magical presence of Lumia light, all presented as a visual playground of the mind.

The interesting aspect of reading through this book is how it becomes a personal journey for the reader as they decipher the Lumia form into meaningful images. Whatever is seen in the first look through of the book, may not be what you see the next time the book is read through. Further along is a parlor game with friends in a collaborative reading of the book, in how everyone gazes at the same images but will also express different interpretations in what they each see from the specific images they view on each page.

Sacred Destinations is about Lumia light as an art form, and on a personal level how you interpretate the book's images to conform to your experiences of the world around you and the worlds in your mind.

Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way
Book specs: 97 pages, 75 color photographs, 22 B & W, narrative overview, $49.50
Author : Louis M. Brill
Image Wrangler : Dean Gustafson

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Sacred Destinations: (preview book)


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Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way
Louis M. Brill

Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way is a photography book that portrays the artistic presence of Lumia, a form of abstract light that looks like textured smoke and appears in any number of curvilinear shapes. In some cases Lumia takes on the resemblance of faces, creatures and landscapes; sometimes familiar - sometimes phantasmagorical, but easily something that a viewer could spend a long time contemplating.