ok, may not be what you see the next time the book is read through. Further along is a parlor game with friends in a collaborative reading of the book, in how everyone gazes at the same images but will also express different interpretations in what they each see from the specific images they view on each page.

"Light is the Lumia artist's sole medium of expression, and it demands that the artist must be a choreographer in time and space."
Thomas Wilfred

composition by Thomas Wilfred

Historically Lumia has a very interesting pedigree as it was discovered as an art form by Thomas Wilfred (1889 - 1968), a Danish artist, who began experimenting with light art as a youngster in Denmark. His first color organ was built from a cigar box with an electric light bulb. Wilfred's interest in light art continued onwards, even with his move to the United States.

Once established with his art in the 1920s, Wilfred dedicated the rest of his life to bringing Lumia to the forefront of both the art world and for the public to enjoy. In total, Wilfred produced roughly 40 works before his death, in 1968. Only eighteen Lumia pieces have survived, of which a major portion has been collected and is currently curated by Eugene and Carole Epstein.

As Wilfred became more involved with Lumia as an art medium, he described it as a three-dimensional drama unfolding in infinite space. In exploring this dimensional space, he developed many defined Lumia formats (projections, displays, compositions, recitals) that expressed itself as a 'drama' that has since followed artists, critics, curators, and the curious public from museum hall to gallery wall and printed book, all wondering what the sublime light forms are telling us.

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